Disasters are inevitable sometimes and is one of those predicaments any business ventures will always want to take precautionary measures against.

When a disaster strikes, having a copy of your data stored in the Cloud is useful, but if you don’t have a realistic and reliable way to recover it and get your staff working again, you’re not truly protected. Don't take chances with your data. Backup services from Alphonet solutions ensure that your data is always available, even in the event of a disaster. Choose from dedicated or shared backup options.

Offsite backups won’t fully protect you in a crisis. Our managed disaster recovery service will.

Alphonet is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, real-world tested Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions across our customer base. Extending our CloudBACKUP solution, our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service adds a mix of infrastructure and professional services aimed at getting you back on your feet as fast and as reliably as possible.

What’s included:
  • We assign a Technical Account Manager to be your main point of contact.
  • We audit your network to understand your data and application requirements.
  • We use this information to write your IT Disaster Recovery plan if you don’t have one already, or adapt your Business Continuity plan.
  • We implement CloudBACKUP services to ensure all your servers and data are protected.
  • Once your backups are fully configured, we perform an initial Disaster Recovery Simulation.
  • Your servers are “recovered” to our CloudCOMPUTE environment.
  • We provision CloudDESKTOPs and connect them to your recovered servers, providing you with full remote desktop access to your recovered server environment.
  • We perform detailed recovery testing in combination with a selected group of end users.
  • We evaluate the simulation results and refine your DR plan.
  • We back up the provisioned CloudDESKTOPs ready for future use.
  • We run an annual DR simulation for the duration of the agreement.
  • Results of the DR simulation are fed into your Business Continuity plan to ensure compatibility and an integrated solution.
  • All license costs, engineering time, auditing and documentation is fully included within the monthly subscription.
  • Additional servers may be added as required.
  • A reserved pool of CloudCOMPUTE infrastructure is allocated for your use in the event of a disaster.
  • If disaster strikes:
  • As soon as you declare a “disaster”, your DR plan is activated.
  • Your servers are recovered to our CloudCOMPUTE environment.
  • We provide you with a guaranteed Time to Recover and recovery point objective SLAs around all server, applications and data included in the plan.
  • Our Service Desk is notified and will provide remote access instructions to your staff in accordance with the DR plan.
  • Our Field Services team is engaged to deliver spare hardware, wireless internet connections and provide other assistance as described in your DR plan.
  • Once initial recovery is complete, we commence implementation of a longer term solution depending on the nature of the disaster.
  • Dedicated Backup Servers
  • Large storage backup solution in a dedicated environment.
  • Over 1 TB of storage.
  • Backup several servers at once.
  • Available for both Alphonet hosted and off-premise servers.
  • Shared Backups
  • Affordable backup solution in a shared environment to protect critical data.
  • Up to 1 TB of storage.
  • Ideal backup for 1 – 3 servers.
  • Available for Alphonet hosted servers only.
  • Our advantage:
    Because we provide you with fully featured CloudDESKTOPs, and CloudCOMPUTE servers, in the event of a genuine emergency (fire / flood etc) not only will your servers be recovered straight away, your staff will be able to log in to a complete, familiar desktop from any terminal, home office, or Microsoft device with an internet connection.
  • You’ll have a reliable DR plan that has been tested regularly with real data, in concert with your own staff.
  • You won’t be scrambling to find new servers.
  • You won’t be waiting around for your data to “arrive”.
  • Your applications and data will be fully protected.
  • You’ll have an experienced IT partner with considerable support and engineering capacity doing whatever it takes to get you back up and running.
  • You’ll know whether you can rely on the IT component of your business continuity plan when you need it most.
  • Now that's peace of mind!!

    We believe our Disaster Recovery solution is the best available for small to medium businesses in Nigeria. If you’re looking for total IT protection for your business, contact us today to see how we can make it happen.


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    Disasters are inevitable sometimes and is one of those predicaments any business ventures will always want to take precautionary measures against.

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