With rapidly changing technology and the shift towards virtual work practices, organizations across the globe are seeking more flexible, secure and dynamic managed telephony solutions.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” telephony solution. Every customer’s telephony requirements will be influenced by the number of telephone users, where these users work from and how they use their phone system.. However, all customers are generally looking for a cost effective, reliable, and flexible telephony platform.

Alphonet has over 7 years experience delivering and supporting a diverse range of business VOIP systems, both on-premise and hosted, from a variety of vendors. We have used this experience to formulate our recommended managed telephony solutions to meet a range of customer requirements.

All of our managed telephony solutions offer:
  • Low call costs via wholesale SIP trunks.
  • Local PABX and/or hosted (cloud) PABX options.
  • Complete customisation and integration options (not multi-tenanted systems).
  • Full hardware support and warranty whether hosted or local.
  • Dedicated managed network links and QoS for VOIP quality.
  • 13, 1300 and 100 number ranges and phone number portability.
  • A complete range of analogue fax, PSTN, and ISDN options.
  • Full integration with our Smart Cloud for end-to-end solutions.
  • Full flexible integration with Exchange, Lync, Jabber etc.
  • Small Business:
    Our recommended solutions for small business are Cisco UC500 and SBCS (Sure Business Communications System) PBXs Offering great feature sets at a cost effective price point, and with numerous management and quality advantages, these systems are great value for organisations with 5-100 end users and 1-5 sites. Deployable as either on-premise PABXes or hosted in our Sure Cloud we can provide these systems in a variety of configurations and including full integration with your network and Exchange server.

    Medium Business:
    For mid-sized businesses from 50-1000 staff, more advanced functionality is generally required including advanced call centre options, failover and redundancy options, more powerful reception, and call routing abilities. The Cisco Call Manager product range including Cisco BE3000 and BE6000 systems offer a broad range of functionality and excellent integration with the rest of your LAN and WAN infrastructure.

    Unified Communications
    Our consultants can deploy and manage a range of unified communications solutions including Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Lync, and seamlessly integrate these products into your environment.

    Communication across your organisation
    Using a VoIP platform and open standards such as SIP, Alphonet’s managed telephony solutions streamline the way your business communicates. Log in to your extension anywhere within the organization, automatically re-route expensive mobile calls to cheaper paths, establish virtual call Centre agents, and make and receive voice and video calls via your PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

    We believe our managed telephony solutions are among the best available for small to medium businesses in Nigeria. If you’re looking for a new phone system or unified communications platform for 10-1000+ staff, contact us today to see how we can make it happen.


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    With rapidly changing technology and the shift towards virtual work practices, organizations across the globe are seeking more flexible, secure and dynamic managed telephony solutions.

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    Why choose us?

    Looking to simplify your business IT?
    There are a host of reasons to choose Alphonet Solutions to manage your business technology requirements, but here’s the bottom line:
    • We simplify your business technology.
    • We save you money.
    • We tailor a solution that enables your business to grow.
    Mr.Tosin Moses
    Snr. IT Support Engineer
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