At Alphonet Solution, one of the many services we offer to keep you ahead in your business is a fast and reliable internet service.

A consistent company objective is to assist our clients in sourcing the most suitable and cost effective internet connections to meet personal and business needs; so it was a small step to take when we developed and established Alphonet, in March 2007. With our buying power and available economy of scale, Alphonet can source superior domestic and international rates, along with providing an enhanced customer experience.

Internet Access

As an owner of a growing business, your biggest challenge is how to optimize budgets to maximize your profits. But why settle for an inferior home grade broadband service when you can enjoy powerful business-grade connectivity?

The internet has become an integral part of business communication. It has introduced a greater level of mobility, work efficiencies and customer service, allowing businesses both opportunities and a flexibility never experienced before.

With internet readily available from numerous providers it is important to ensure that you have an ISP (Internet Service Provider) focused on supplying a quality internet connection, specifically designed for the demands of your business.

Private Network

A Private Network provides you with a secure access from anywhere in the world, to the country of your choice. It can allow you to expand your business through multi-locations while maintaining the security that you require and have come to expect. Control and safe-guard your network data traffic from external threats online.

Alphonet Solutions offers multiple options to create private networks in order to provide secure access to your IT infrastructure. The private network services allow secure access to your servers and Alphonet Infrastructure solutions by creating VPLS (virtual private LAN service) and VPRN (virtual private routed network) over our MPLS network backbone between select company-controlled data centers. Alphonet solutions also offers managed VPN services that include up to SSL-level encryption and use the public infrastructure such as Internet. Alphonet’s private network services negate the need for owning or leasing private lines from carriers reducing operational oversight and costs.

Performance DNS services

Alphonet solutions, guarantees its high-availability DNS services will always be available. Any measurable interruption in DNS service will result in a full credit on the entire monthly DNS charge, and unlike any other provider, any interruption in excess of 30 minutes will result in credits against IP services.

Managed Router Service

Alphonet’s Managed Router Service (MRS) provides a complete router and IP transit solution, which includes installing, monitoring and managing your router. You can use an Alphonet-supplied Cisco router or your own router with designated minimum requirements. MRS customers receive individual circuit troubleshooting and support on all Alphonet-monitored circuits to allow for peak performance across routers.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Alphonet’s Enterprise content delivery network upgrade offers everything from whole-site delivery to live streaming to any device plus robust analytics. Other CDNs serve up content “as is,” which means that the content creator is responsible for providing separate versions for streaming in each video format.

E-mail security platform

Protect your network through firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, IDS/IPS and allow remote accesses through IPsec, VPN and SSLVPN using the best products and technologies of the market.

Why choose us?

Looking to simplify your business IT?
There are a host of reasons to choose Alphonet Solutions to manage your business technology requirements, but here’s the bottom line:
• We simplify your business technology.
• We save you money.
• We tailor a solution that enables your business to grow.
Mr.Tosin Moses
Snr. IT Support Engineer
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