We provide computer support through our Help Desk Services, for quick troubleshooting of your issues. The Help Desk employs remote technologies that allow us to address issues in real time. Our computer support company offers help desk services for all computer related issues, including desktops, laptops, peripherals (such as printers), PDAs, servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls and more. We offer assistance with software issues, including interfacing with another computer support vendor to resolve issues.

We believe that IT monitoring and preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid potential issues. We monitor our clients’ networks to protect against threats and eliminate problems before they occur. We immediately identify potential system vulnerabilities and work to strengthen your IT infrastructure. Preventative maintenance is an important strategy to keep your systems operating at maximum efficiency; paving the way for a greater return on investment and better use of company resources.

Service Desk

Information technology in the global marketplace has resulted in businesses implementing increasingly complex business processes, software, and other applications. Maintenance, monitoring and computer support service. Alphonet Solutions can help you address issues regarding inefficiency of your current systems to assist your organization in optimizing the use of available resources. Give us a call to learn more about our computer support company and how our help desk services can help you.

Unlike many help desks, our technicians have experience in both remote support and face to face on-site support. We actively rotate our technicians into customer facing on-site positions in order to familiarize themselves with the real world needs of end users. This process allows them to deliver more appropriate assistance over the phone or via remote control sessions.

Backup Solutions

Network data loss is one of the greatest impacts to small and medium-sized businesses today. Alphonet Solutions works with clients to establish IT backup solutions and routines to protect against data failures. Alphonet Solutions can assist with setting up a tape, hard drive, or online backup solution for your company. We can also ‘image’ your company’s computers to provide a fast recovery of a network computer to a default state should any major issues arise.

IT Backup of vital company information is crucial to the survival of a business. The size of your company does not matter – having an IT backup solution in place is important. Recent studies show that 93% of companies that lost data due to a disaster go out of business within two years.

Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses are turning to disk-based online server backup solutions and recovery solutions as the most cost effective fit for their requirements; when they have neither the volume of data nor the level of technical staff that characterize most traditional backup solutions and recovery operations.

Data protection backup solutions that combine the latest advancements in disk-based backup solutions with secure, integrated online technologies offer businesses fast and assured recovery of their critical business data while freeing limited technical staff for more value-driven tasks. They also reduce the burden of removing the data and storing it safely off-site, protecting it from local disasters.

Companies should consider the following reasons to utilize Alphonet Backup Solutions:

  • Comprehensive and reliable data protection assures up-to-date recovery of all critical business data, including the backup of data in open files.
  • Automatic and secure off-site electronic vaulting guarantees successful disaster recovery and backup solutions.
  • Better control over restoring data gives businesses access to data when and where it’s needed — for any reason.
  • Improved security for all sensitive data ensures protection during backup, transmission and storage.
  • A complete data protection solution addresses the entire data protection work flow and provides a higher level of reliability, productivity and cost containment.
  • Immediate data restoration either over the Internet or from on-site rapid recovery appliances reduces downtime costs.
  • Enhanced ability to demonstrate compliance with regulations around information protection is enhanced through consistent, repeatable processes and controls.
  • Freedom from routine backup and restore tasks allows redirection of staff time to value-driven projects with greater impact on productivity and profitability.
  • Increased competitive advantage is promoted through improved access to data, more predictable cost control and flexible solutions that change with the business.
  • Greater reliability in recovering all data where and when needed is ensured, with successful data recovery guaranteed in writing.
  • Network Maintenance.

    Performing proactive, scheduled maintenance ensures maximum reliability and the overall lowest TCO through minimising costs and productivity losses associated with downtime and replacement. Preventative maintenance is normally included within our standard support packages however we also provide maintenance services to those clients who have an in-house IT team and who want their team to be allocated to more specialised tasks.

    Our program of pre-defined and fully documented preventative maintenance tasks uses our qualified staff and industry recommended processes. These preventative maintenance tasks are be performed on:

  • Server and storage Infrastructure.
  • Desktop infrastructure.
  • Network equipment.
  • Backup and security systems.
  • Each maintenance task can be performed at a standard frequency or on a specific nominated basis appropriate for your environment. These tasks include:

  • Patch Management.
  • Log file review and corrective action.
  • Security vulnerability testing.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam management.
  • On-Site

    Alphonet Solutions is one of Nigeria's fastest growing and most successful IT service providers, delivering end-to-end business support solutions that span a broad spectrum of infrastructure technologies.

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    Our computer support company offers help desk services for all computer related issues, including desktops, laptops, peripherals (such as printers), PDAs, servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls and more.

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    Our flexibility and coverage allows us to meet a diverse range of business requirements, and we can provide staff with a variety of certifications and experience.

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    Network maintenance services are provided to protect the network from unwanted virus attacks, spyware, downtime situation, server crashes, management of hard drive resources and any electrical or wiring issues.

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    Why choose us?

    Looking to simplify your business IT?
    There are a host of reasons to choose Alphonet Solutions to manage your business technology requirements, but here’s the bottom line:
    • We simplify your business technology.
    • We save you money.
    • We tailor a solution that enables your business to grow.
    Mr.Tosin Moses
    Snr. IT Support Engineer
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