Handling office relocations is one of the most common IT projects, yet it can also be one of the most problematic due to the range of resources and expertise involved.

Alphonet has performed and managed dozens of relocation projects so that we now have the process down to a fine art. We are ideally placed to perform these projects successfully due to the breadth of our core services and solutions.

Generally the earlier we get involved the better. Clients are often surprised how much assistance we can provide and how much easier we can make it.

Clients can select to engage us to manage any or all technical elements of a relocation, and we encourage clients to contact us early in the process to avoid problems on moving day.

Our Approach

Pre-Move Activities

Networking Team
Right at the outset of the process, we can perform Service Qualifications on potential addresses, making sure sufficient internet bandwidth is available at your intended address. We typically investigate up to 5-10 different carriers at each location to ensure you’re not moving to an internet “dead zone”.

Engineering Expertise
Our infrastructure consultants will create a technology plan for the move. Is it a straight relocation, or will there be new technology deployed in the new office as part of the move project?

Our telephony team investigate your PABX system and your make sure your numbers can be ported across. Any services required such as PSTN / ISDN / Fax etc will be moved or handled within the technology plan.

Carrier Liaison
We are experts at negotiating and liaising with carriers and if any changes are required to your phone or network plans we can assist.

Comms Room Design
Do you need a server room in the new location? We can help make sure it is appropriately designed, and provide any power or air conditioning specifications to your builders or fit-out team

Wireless Site Surveys
The key to reliable wireless networks is blending quality hardware with a quality design. We’ll survey the new office to make sure your access points are all correctly placed.

Cabling and Testing
We can perform complete cabling fit outs or we can provide structured testing of an existing fit-out. Cable termination points are also critical if you have a new server room design.

Moving Time

Back Ups
When was the last time you backed up the config of your routers? Your PABX? Alphonet does a comprehensive backup to ensure that contingencies exist for the broadest possible range of scenarios.

Data Centre Facilities
We use our Sure Cloud infrastructure to minimise risk of data loss during migrations and relocations. We can also minimise investment in new hardware as part of your technology plan.

Arms and Legs
Typically the relocation happens over a weekend, and we have a small army of technicians available to move hundreds of desktops and servers.

Logistics and Shipping
Alphonet has considerable experience shipping IT equipment all over Nigeria. From a single PC to multiple pallets, our logistics team can help.

UAT Plans and Testing
All moves are accompanied by an agreed User Acceptance Test plan, ensuring that everything is working as intended after the move.

Spare Parts
If something does go wrong during the move, Alphonet has a considerable pool of spare servers, routers, and other devices that can get you out of a jam and up and running by Monday.

Post Move

On-Site Support
When your staff arrive after the move, we’ll have our team of field techs on hand to assist with any residual issues? Can’t print? No problem. USB device not working? We’ll take care of it. Network port not patched? We’ll have you working in no time.

Server and application Expertise
Moving a complete IT infrastructure often involves several vendors, particularly where there is special hardware or applications involved. Our server and application experts can greatly assist in removing the guesswork and providing a solid platform for your applications to run on.

Networking team
Our networking team have performed minor miracles in the past to overcome issues caused by major telcos at moving time, from performing advanced routing to solve connectivity issues, through to deploying temporary wireless internet devices to provide workarounds.

What we do during a Relocation Project
  • We get the new site up and running beforehand (circuits, wiring, cable management, patches etc).
  • We inventory everything and provide a detailed report to the customer.
  • We deal with any and all vendors during the process (ISPs, telecom etc).
  • We deal with anything that needs addressing by the clients during the process (i.e, if the customer wants to upgrade old equipment or add equipment).
  • We test all logons, software, hardware, server connectivity and workstation connectivity.
  • We give go-live support after the move at no extra cost.
  • Now that's peace of mind redefined!!

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    Handling office relocations is one of the most common IT projects, yet it can also be one of the most problematic due to the range of resources and expertise involved..

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    Looking to simplify your business IT?
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