Network maintenance services include the measures, methods, processes and tools that are used for the administration, configuration, management and technical support of the systems including servers and workstations.

Our specialized computer network managers build a reliable and stable network by perfect maintenance and constantly monitoring of your projects. Network maintenance services are provided to protect the network from unwanted virus attacks, spyware, downtime situation, server crashes, management of hard drive resources and any electrical or wiring issues.

Our network maintenance managers follow a systematic procedure mentioned below:

  • They create a detailed map of computer network to assess its applications, hardware and software.
  • All security systems which include backup systems, firewalls installations, VPN solutions, virus defender, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam are verified and updated to make them more reliable and result oriented by maintenance services.
  • Check the functionality of operating systems and patches used to operate computer network.
  • Optimization services to increase the speed and efficiency.
  • Testing and monitoring of network software and examination of hardware tools (routers, cables, wiring, batteries, switches and machines) is done to make your network perfect.
  • Managed Network
    A managed network allows an organization to source the infrastructure, software and technical support services essential to operate and manage an IP-based communication network. Managed networks may provide hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, routers and switches, as well as operating system and firewall software to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data stored over it. The whole system is entirely monitored and maintained by the service provider.

    Managed networks may include solutions and services such as managed LAN, managed WAN, a managed gateway, managed wireless networks and other automated network support services, managed network is an outsourced network that provides some or all the network solutions required by an organization. This service is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service or installed and managed in-house by the service provider

    Alphonet solutions is a commercial ISP (Internet Service Provider) with considerable expertise in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of complex Multi-carrier MPLS WAN solutions.

    We currently deliver all of the services you’d expect from a business grade ISP, including Fibre, Ethernet, Microwave, and of course ADSL products, combined with features such as multi-carrier failover, diverse multi-homed internet pathways, and peering on the world’s largest carrier neutral network, Equinix Internet Exchange.

    Our advantage:
    With Alphonet Solution’s managed network services, you can offload up-front and recurring tasks to our team of engineers while maintaining an infrastructure environment precisely suited to your availability, performance and budget requirements.

    Our technicians install new software, printers, and security tools. They guide your staff members and advice to execute latest operations for the systems after complete computer network maintenance. Contact us today.


    Alphonet Solutions is one of Nigeria's fastest growing and most successful IT service providers, delivering end-to-end business support solutions that span a broad spectrum of infrastructure technologies.

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    Our computer support company offers help desk services for all computer related issues, including desktops, laptops, peripherals (such as printers), PDAs, servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls and more.

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    Our flexibility and coverage allows us to meet a diverse range of business requirements, and we can provide staff with a variety of certifications and experience.

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    Network maintenance services are provided to protect the network from unwanted virus attacks, spyware, downtime situation, server crashes, management of hard drive resources and any electrical or wiring issues.

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    Why choose us?

    Looking to simplify your business IT?
    There are a host of reasons to choose Alphonet Solutions to manage your business technology requirements, but here’s the bottom line:
    • We simplify your business technology.
    • We save you money.
    • We tailor a solution that enables your business to grow.
    Mr.Tosin Moses
    Snr. IT Support Engineer
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