Our principles

Support customers as a team.

These days, customer service is a team sport. And not just for your support team — for your entire business.

Listen to customers (and share their ideas).

What information do you need to answer people's questions? Encourage your team to never hesitate to ask questions when talking to customers.

Remember every second counts.

Customers hate to wait!
Be sure to give your agents the help desk solution they need to help customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.


     The entire Alphonet team have demonstrated a true partnership approach with Beatrilson Capital and they invest time, resource and finances up front for the long term benefit of both organizations. They know how to have fun whilst delivering a first-class professional service. The perfect partner" .
Kizito Odogwu
One Micro Ltd
     It's always a worry when changing IT service providers, but I'm glad to say that our decision to work with Alphonet has been vindicated.
Kenneth E. Okunuwa.
Pentagon Real Estate Investment Company.

About Us

At Alphonet , we believe that our values drive our actions. Alphonet helps businesses leverage the power of cutting edge technology for high performance & exponential growth. Furthermore, technology is not just about servers and software it's about people. We are passionate about helping make peoples lives better through technology.

Alphonet is Nigeria's premier IT support and services provider. For more than 7 years we have been connecting passionate IT consultants with customers who need quality IT services. We are your one-stop IT support company in Nigeria.

Small businesses and Multinationals were investing in IT Infrastructure to help run their businesses more efficiently. However, only a handful of IT companies were providing True IT support services whereas the majority were simply pushing boxes without understanding the customers present and future business needs.

Customers were often provided half-baked IT infrastructure solutions that were not scalable and extremely costly to maintain & support.

We aspire to help our clients focus on their core business instead of worrying about managing and maintaining their IT infrastructure.

Alphonet was established to meet a genuine need

Who we Are

Alphonet is one of the few Strategic IT Solution Providers across the Nigeria,We strive to empower Small Businesses as well as Multinationals to plan, build, deploy and manage their IT infrastructure as per their standards all within their stipulated budget.

Providing unmatched value via expert consultation & support, Alphonet delivers a highly scalable & robust IT Infrastructure that enables organizations to focus on their core business, instead of managing their IT.

Scores of customers from explosive-growth startups to multinational enterprises, trust Alphonet as their IT Company of choice.

Who we Are

Our core management team delivers IT strategy, support, sales, account management, quality control and infrastructure support.

We closely work with our clients to help them:

  • Identify current & future business needs and align their technology investments accordingly
  • Help them get more value out of their existing IT investments
  • Reduce business risks and resource investment loss
  • Improve ROI by increasing visibility and management of technical resources
  • Our Philosophy, Our Guiding Light

    Over the last 7 years, we have developed an enviable reputation for quality and a fanatical approach to customer service. We truly believe in the power of technology to help improve peoples lives and make businesses more successful. It is this passion that helps us go that extra mile right from the first line IT support, through to advanced implementation projects. Delivering great customer experiences is at the heart of everything we do


    Alphonet empowers businesses to leverage the power of cutting-edge technology for high performance and exponential growth.


  • Identify opportunities to grow and leverage technology
  • Understand clients needs and offer an effective solution
  • Deliver a planned and flawlessly executed solution
  • Delight clients and exceed their expectations with a service mindset
  • Build a professional team of principled, friendly and passionate people in a progressive work environment.
  • Values

  • Empathizing: respect and compassion is the hallmark of who we are.
  • Teamwork: we are united in our quest to achieve our vision.
  • Passion: for technology and the unquenchable thirst for excellence, growth and contribution.
  • Commitment: to always deliver our 100% in everything we do.Commitment: to always deliver our 100% in everything we do.
  • Integrity: is always doing the right thing at the right time with complete responsibility and honesty.
  • Fun: when we enjoy our work, our customers love the Alphonet experience.
  • 5 Reasons to Switch to Alphonet

  • Honest and transparent in business practices & advice
  • Painless transitioning, switching couldnt be easier
  • Clear communication, well always keep you in the loop
  • Consultative Approach, Explain IT requirements without intolerable jargon
  • Satisfaction, last month 96% of our clients were happy with our services